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Restoration of a church in oxford, Arched Doorway

A complete outer moulding was needed, some new sections in other parts of the Arch had to be replaced. Some smaller sections were used and pieced in.
arched church doorway close up of dorway carving

Tring Church

Ten windows in total needed restoration. All the metal framed windows were removed before work could commence on repairing the stonework. The windows were cleaned, and decayed stone removed which was replaced with sections of newly cut stone.

The Manor Oxford

A renovated section of a listed house with new mullion windows to match the existing windows.

Window Restoration, Ascot

these picture show a finished restoration project of a window that was in very poor condition. The window had been painted white and and endured years of weathering. The limestone that was originally used is nolonger quarried so we sourced a close match. Sections of the decayed stone were removed and replaced with the new stone, the damaged mouldings remade using traditional methods.

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